3 Ways to Find the Best Lip Color For Your Skin Tone

Lipstick can make you look sexy—or sallow. It all depends on the shade you choose. Wearing the right lipstick for your skin tone is an instant pick-me-up for your complexion. Here are three tried and true methods for determining your skin tone and the best lip color for each. 

Skin Tone Types, Demystified

Putting skin tones into shades of light vs. dark is too simple. Your skin tone is defined by your undertones: 

-Warm: bronze and olive undertones 

-Cool: blue-violet and pink undertones 

-Neutral: a combination of warm and cool, or no distinct difference between your skin tone and undertones 

Sounds complicated? Keep in mind that regardless of your skin color, you can run cool, warm, or neutral. Try these methods if you’re having trouble decoding your skin tone type: 

Vein test

Hold the inside of your arm up to natural light. Blue veins indicate your skin tone is cool while green veins indicate your skin tone is warm. If your veins are somewhere between green and blue, your skin tone is neutral. 

Jewelry test  

Do you love the luxury of dressing yourself up in gold jewelry? Do silver accessories make you feel a little washed out? If so, you’re warm. 

Is your jewelry box filled with silver-everything? Do you prefer accessories with a dash of violet, dark red, or blue? If so, you’re cool. 

Can you effortlessly switch between gold earrings and silver bracelets? If so, you’re neutral. 

Hair color test

If you can rock a rich shade of copper or strawberry blonde, your skin most likely runs cool. Rich mahogany and auburn tones pair better with warm skin. Neutral skin tone types can pull off any shade of red.

There are dozens of ways to wear blonde hair, but not all shades are universally flattering. Pale, cool skin tone types look luxurious in platinum and silver blondes, while warm skin tone types look beautiful in golden, buttery blondes. Neutral skin tone types look best in wheat and sandy beige blondes, or a combination of these cool and warm shades.  

Brown, dark brown, and black hair is the trickiest to pull off for warm skin tones. Black hair with violet undertones makes cool skin types look ethereally beautiful. Warm skin tone types pop with dark brown hair that has a chestnut or auburn base. 

The Best Shade of Lipstick to Bring Out Your Skin Tone 

Experimental, glamorous lipstick isn’t exclusive to one skin tone type; neither are classic, subtle nudes. It’s all about picking a lipstick with undertones that complement yours! 

Here are our top lipstick picks for… 

Warm skin tones: corals and red-orange hues 

Contrary to what you might think, red is for everyone! Warm skin tones look absolutely stunning in soft, sunny shades of red. Keep your lips moisturized during the warm months (and on beach days!) with a dash of Fabulous/Coral tinted balm. 

Need to dress yourself up for your virtual date? Don’t be afraid to be a little ‘Daring’ and paint your lips a soft shade of vermillion. Make your lips even fuller by filling them in with a warm toned lip liner, like Sweet Thing

Cool skin tones: blue-based reds and dusky pinks 

Red lip color with blue undertones and classic pinks are perfect for cool skin tone types. The easiest way to be ‘Forever Young’? Wear a few layers of sheer, pink gloss with any look. 

Nude lipstick is lovely on cool skin as long as it’s undertones are neither too pale nor too orange. Take matte lips to the next level with a subtle, pinkish nude that any makeup lover can ‘Cherish.’ If your lips need a drink, plump and hydrate your pout with a luxe ‘Opal’ shade of pink. 

Neutral skin tones: shades along the whole spectrum

Lucky you: virtually every shade of lipstick makes you glow! But having so many choices can make it tough to decide. 

If your go-to makeup style is simple and sweet, apply a few layers of a pretty, ‘Playful’ fuchsia lip balm. For a gorgeous (and mask-proof!) look, try a marvelous shade of mauve, ‘Doll Face.’

Going for high-drama glamor? Partial to purple? Vampy violets aren’t your only choice—a lightweight, creamy lavender can make you look ‘Fierce.’