How to Find Your Perfect Shade


Understanding your undertone

There is no better feeling than finding your perfect shade and building out your makeup collection with a range of colors that complement the undertones in your skin and enhance your natural beauty. If you don't know your undertones, don't worry! We're here to help. 

Uncovering your undertones is an essential first step to perfecting your makeup routine. Once you understand your undertone, you’ll be able to find the perfect colors that will complement your complexion.

There are three different undertones:

1. Warm undertones 

If you have a warm undertone, you probably don’t burn after a long day out in the sun. Instead, you have a healthy, warm glow that almost radiates subtle gold and red colors. Your undertone probably has a yellow, peach, or reddish tint. If you look at your arms and your veins look greenish, you probably have a warm undertone. 

2. Cool undertones

Individuals with cool undertones tend to burn easily in the sun. If you look at your veins, they may appear purple or blue. Your undertone probably has a blue, pink, or light red tint. 

3. Neutral undertones

The best way to figure out if you have a neutral undertone is by looking at your veins. If your veins tend to blend into your skin and don’t appear purple or blue, you most likely have a neutral undertone. This undertone is the perfect mix of warm and cool tones. However, that means you'll want to be careful in the sun! Your skin is prone to getting darker in the sun and burning if you're out for too long.

Finding your perfect foundation


Warm undertones

The key to finding the perfect foundation is to aim for warmth. You’ll want to find a color that perfectly complements the warm undertones of your skin, with a foundation that has a more golden, yellow, or peach color. For example, our Tan BB Cream is a lightweight, breathable formula with a subtle golden finish. This BB cream is perfect for complementing the warm undertones in your skin and leaving you looking radiant. 

Light Medium BB Cream

Cool undertones 

For foundation, you’ll want to be able to balance the cooler tones in your skin. We recommend choosing a foundation that has a pinkish or red tonal color. This will help you balance the undertones in your complexion and give you a more natural finish. For example, our Light Medium BB Cream features pink undertones to complement cool undertones.

Medium BB Cream

Neutral undertones 

You'll want to stay away from foundations with a yellow or pink undertone so that your complexion doesn’t look washed out. Instead, look for a peachy foundation like our Medium BB Cream that can effectively add color to your face without being overbearing.

Finding your perfect blush

Brilliant Lip & Cheek Stick

Warm undertones

The best blush that will complement your warm, golden undertone is a vibrant peach color that will effectively complement the warm undertones in your complexion. If you want to add a pop of color, don’t be afraid to play with a bright, playful pink or warm apricot color like our Brilliant Lip & Cheek Stick

Passionate Lip & Cheek Stick

Cool undertones 

You’ll want to find a blush that is a rich pink color or a mauve shade like our Passionate Lip & Cheek Stick. If you’re looking to have a bit more fun with your makeup look, you can play with a light coral or a deep peach color. 

Passionate Lip

Neutral Undertones

Individuals with a neutral undertone have more flexibility when choosing the perfect shade for their blush. If you’re looking for a staple color to add to your makeup collection, we recommend playing with a light pink or darker pink blush color, like our Unbreakable Lip and Cheek Stick

Finding your perfect lipstick shade

Daring Creme Lipstick

Warm undertones

If you’re looking for a lipstick color that’s sure to complement your natural complexion, you’ll want to stick with an orangey-red, coral, rich nude, or a caramel nude color. Whatever you choose, always aim for warmer shades like our Daring Cream Lipstick.

Magic Cream Lipstick

Cool undertones 

The best lipstick shades for a cool undertone are ones that complement your cool undertones. We recommend sticking in the berry-colored realm. Try deeper red colors, plum, cranberry, or rosy pink. We recommend our Magic Cream Lipstick: it has a lush, dark purple color that will complement your undertones.  

Crush Matte Liquid Lip

Neutral undertones

Look for lipstick shades that are red or orange like our Crush Matte Liquid Lip that can help to add some color to your natural complexion. If you’re feeling playful, try a vibrant purple shade!