Where can I buy Lique natural lip products in store?

You can always purchase Lique here on our website, but if you’re looking for an in-store experience, check out our store locator to find Lique products sold in U.S. locations near you.

Are Lique beauty supplies sold internationally?

Unfortunately at this time, Lique products – both in-store and online – are only sold within the United States, with the exception of our Loblaws retail partner in Canada. But we’re working on expanding our international presence! Check back with us regularly or contact our customer care team with additional questions.

I would like to sell Lique Cosmetics in my retail store. How can I become a wholesaler?

For more information on how you can sell Lique natural lip care and lip color products, please contact our Customer Care team! You can email us at info@liquecosmetics.com or give us a call at 1.844.380.9961. Note: calling and speaking to our team will result in a more immediate response.

Does Lique offer an affiliate program? How can I collaborate with the Lique brand?

Yes! We do offer an affiliate program for brand advocates who believe in and support our mission. Lique offers product incentives, quarterly payouts and a supportive partnership. To apply to become a Lique affiliate, fill out our online application here.

Is Lique a beauty brand that gives back?

Yes! The Lique brand was created by women, and supporting and empowering other women is important to us. We donate a portion of the profits from certain Lique beauty supplies to the Marjaree Mason Center, which supports and empowers adults and their children affected by domestic violence. Read more about our Giving Back Collection and the Marjaree Mason Center here.



What do the natural lip care ingredients in Lique beauty supplies do?

All Lique lip care products and lip color beauty supplies contain one or more natural ingredients to help soothe, heal and protect chapped lips. Natural lip care is important to us because our bodies are natural, and we should all feel good about the beauty supplies we’re using to care for them. Read more about each of the natural ingredients we use and what they do here. You’ll also find what natural lip care ingredients are used in each product on their respective product pages.

What Lique beauty products go best together?

Great question! All Lique beauty supplies are formulated with natural lip care ingredients that work well together, whether you’re trying to heal chapped lips or prevent them in the first place! We believe a daily lip care routine is the key to healthy lips, and recommend pairing our Lip Scrub and Lip Plumper with either our Lip Masque or Lip Butter for very dry lips. For lip color, pair any of our vegan Lip Balms, vegan Lip Glosses or Crème Lipsticks with the previously mentioned lip care products, and/or with each other! Read more about how you can create the perfect daily lip care routine here 

Are Lique beauty supplies cruelty free?

We love our furry friends and would never want to harm them! Yes, all Lique beauty supplies are cruelty free and never tested on animals.

Are Lique beauty supplies vegan?

Some of our products are vegan, including our hydrating vegan Lip Balm (all colors) and our vegan Lip Gloss (all colors). All of our products are certified cruelty free. Check back with us regularly for other product updates, and you can always contact us with additional questions you have about our products.

Do Lique beauty supplies contain fragrance?

Yes, most Lique beauty supplies contain light fragrances for added enjoyment while wearing. All of the fragrances we use are natural based to complement the natural ingredients in our products.

Which is better for healing dry lips and chapped lips? Lip Balm vs Lip Butter vs Lip Masques?

All Lique natural lip care products are formulated to help keep your lips moisturized and healthy. Our Hydrating Vegan Lip Balms contain coconut oil, jojoba oil and cocoa butter, which are incredibly hydrating for dry lips. For soothing and healing very dry lips or intense chapped lips, we recommend using Lique Lip Butter as part of your lip care routine. Our Lip Butter contains aloe vera, honey and vitamins A & C; it’s kind of like combining an aloe vera lip gloss with a honey lip gloss – except it’s a whipped oil, so it’s more dense than a lip gloss and will lock in all of that moisturizing goodness for your very dry lips! You can also top our Lip Butter with any of our vegan Lip Balms for a lightweight hint of color throughout your day! Lique Lip Masques (masks) fit in between our Lip Balms and Lip Butter, with an extra cushiony feel. They’re also tinted with color pigment like our Lip Balms, but they’re a little more dense and contain hydrating jojoba oil and reviving vitamin E. Lique Lip Masques can be worn all day and night for regular hydrating lip care with a beautiful hint of color! Use them to top any of our Lique Lip Glosses, Crème Lipsticks or Lip Balms for an extra dose of soothing hydration throughout your day.

What’s the difference between Lique Lip Balm vs Lipstick?

Both Lique Lip Balms and Crème Lipsticks offer a lightweight, non-sticky formula that’s comfortable for all-day wear. Both also include color pigment; Lique Crème Lipsticks feature heavier pigment for more opaque, full-color wear, while our Lip Balms offer a sheer tinted formula that’s less opaque than our Lipsticks. Lique Lip Balms are also vegan and include cocoa butter, and jojoba and coconut oils for added moisture throughout your day. We actually consider our vegan Lip Balms as part of our Lip Care product line! But of course, our Crème Lipsticks are so fabulous too. You should try them all!