7 Trends to Switch Up Your Spring Skincare Routine

Let’s face it: after being cooped up inside for months, your skincare routine needs an upgrade. Your go-to products for the cold months aren’t fabulous for spring/summer looks (and could even clog your pores!). Refresh your spring skincare regimen with these easy, minimalistic trends.

Use blue light-blocking products 

Most of us are on our screens more than ever before (no thanks to COVID-19 and Zoom-everything). The problem is that the blue light from our devices? It’s not great for our skin or our sleep. It might even do more damage than (gasp!) UV rays. 

This spring, we’ll see a huge spike in anti-blue light skincare products that fight eye bags and hyperpigmentation. Think luxurious vitamin C serums to fight free radicals, pre- and probiotic sprays and moisturizers, and antioxidant-rich primers. 

Swap face cream for simple hydration 

If you live in a climate with changing seasons, the biting cold makes it hard to keep your skin supple. By the end of spring, you should retire your ultra-rich face cream for a gel-based moisturizer or a lightweight serum. 

If your skin freaks out from silicones in gel-based products, try a non-comedogenic (non-pore clogging), oil-based serum. Pick products made with jojoba oil, which offers all-natural sun protection and prevents fine lines. Apply every night for optimal hydration. 

Replace your foundation with a BB cream  

Most of us will still be masked-up for months to come, and you don’t have to choose between staying healthy and looking fabulous. That’s where the mighty BB cream comes into play. 

BB creams are trending again this season for their no-fuss coverage. Reduce redness, even your skin tone, and don’t spend more than a few minutes doing it — BB creams were designed for on-the-go babes. Better yet, it’s even more hydrating than the typical foundation, and it lets your pores breathe. 

(Even though BB creams are super lightweight, remember to always take off your makeup at night. Just because it feels like you’re wearing nothing doesn’t mean to skimp on cleansing!) 

Spritz on a soothing facial toner   

Bright, sunny summer days are right around the corner, and that means temperatures are heating up. But your skin doesn’t have to.

Just slip this hydrating, facial toner into your purse, backpack, or gym bag to keep flushed, sticky skin at bay! If “maskne” (mask acne) is getting you down, the anti-inflammatory properties in ginger will help you fight back against breakouts. 

Play with combination lip and cheek color  

The minimalist makeup trend is just what we needed after an exhausting year. Less is more this spring and summer, so take it easy and go for 2-in-1 lip and cheek color. Dual-use lip and cheek colors give your skin a soft, effervescent glow. Better yet, they’re easy to use when you’re in a rush! 

To look effortlessly gorgeous, dab a drop of your lip and cheek duo onto the center of your lips and diffuse it with a few swipes of clear lip gloss. 

Ice-cold face rolling treatments 

If you have a TikTok, the chances are you’ve seen rising skincare and beauty gurus rubbing ice cubes on their skin. The “skin icing” trend has been on the rise since the New Year, and it’s not going anywhere any time soon. 

But putting literal ice cubes on your face? It’s far from mess-free. Keep your fingers from freezing by popping a crystal face roller in the freezer for 60 to 90 minutes. Roll your skin in a cross-shaped pattern on each quadrant of your face for 20 to 30 seconds, or until the roller is no longer cool to touch. Repeat several times per day (or use as often as needed for sunburn treatment). 

Responsible, sustainable skincare routines

Finally, it’s probably no surprise that eco-friendly skincare is having a moment. More makeup mavens are thinking about how their products affect Mother Earth, and you should be, too! Everything you put on your body impacts your and the world’s wellbeing. 

Products that aren’t tested on animals and contain few ingredients (and ones that you can easily pronounce!) are king. We pride ourselves on offering 100% vegan, cruelty-free lip and skincare products. You can give back to the planet and look like a 10 doing it.