Beauty Supplies for Your Perfect Lip Care Routine

If you think about it, we put our lips through a LOT every single day. From the moment we wake up, our mouths are on the move – sipping coffee, getting the fam going, then out the door for tackling meetings, phone calls, errands, cheering on the kiddos at a sports game before dinner, bedtime stories, brushing teeth and finally crashing into bed. Sleep. Wake. Repeat. Add in cold weather, windy days, sunny excursions, and it's no wonder we get chapped lips and they don't just quit on us.
Because our lips lack the protective outer layer and oil glands our skin has, they're far more delicate and need extra care, support and protection. That's where Lique comes in - we can help restore and prevent chapped lips! Lique lip care and color beauty supplies are formulated with natural ingredients because we want to help people replenish the natural substances in their bodies with natural care. We should feel good about the beauty supplies we're using to give our bodies the care they need, don't you think?
Lip Care Products
Infused with ingredients like jojoba oil for intense moisture, antioxidants like vitamins E and C, invigorating peppermint oil and more, Lique products are ready to help you create your ultimate day and night lip care routine and say goodbye to chapped lips for good. PS. You can read more about the natural ingredients we use in our products here.
So, what Lique beauty supplies create the perfect lip care routine whether you're kicking off your day or wrapping it up? Here's what we recommend:
Start your day off with proper lip service! To smooth lips and prep for color application, we're all about the following routine:
Start by exfoliating your lips with Lip Scrub, because nobody wants flaky, chapped lips, right? Get those beautiful babies nice and smooth before moving on to the next step.
Swipe on Lip Plumper to soothe your freshly exfoliated lips, while at the same time perking them up with the invigorating properties of peppermint oil. It's an all-natural way to get perfectly plump lips!
Follow your Plumper application with any color of Lip Balm. Our Lip Balms are formulated to nourish lips with Shea butter in a weightless formula, while adding a lovely hint of color. It's comfortable, non-sticky color you can't get enough of.
If you feel like it, top that hint of color with Lique Lip Gloss to further prevent chapped lips with the hydrating properties of jojoba seed and coconut oils with some extra gorgeous pigment infused with fine shimmer. Shine like the star you are!
How can you not start your day winning with lips that look as good as they feel?
Okay so the day is done, you owned every minute of it, and now your lips need their beauty sleep too! Put your pout to bed with this ultimate pampering routine using the following beauty supplies:
Yes, Lip Scrub again. Why? You'll want to exfoliate any dryness from the day to keep those chapped lips at bay and prep your lips to receive the ultimate treat of hydration that follows.
Your Lip Plumper comes in handy, doesn't it? Peppermint has amazing soothing properties and after a long day, nothing sounds better than a soothing, invigorating treatment, right? Kind of like a massage – for your lips!
Lock in the rejuvenating effects of the Plumper with the Lip Masque, which provides an ultra-moisturizing seal for your pout to keep it nice and nourished while you rest.
On those nights you just need a little bit more (and who doesn't?), coat your lips in Lique Lip Butter for the ultimate hydrating treatment. Because everything is better covered in butter. When you have chapped lips, trust us, Lip Butter is your new best friend.
Are you ready to get started on your perfect lip care routine? Customize your very own bundle of Lique lip beauty supplies here and get started on your journey to a more blissful kiss.