Get Fuller Lips with Lique Lip Plumpers

Some of us were born with naturally full lips and don’t have to use any extra makeup tricks to make our pouts really pop, but for the rest of us, there’s Lique Lip Plumper.
“What does Lip Plumper do?” you might be wondering. Great question – and we have the answer. In case you haven’t really noticed, we’re all about lips here at Lique. Not just pretty colors for lips, but natural lip care solutions that actually work to hydrate and nourish lips on a daily basis. (And yes, we have pretty lip colors too!)
Why is hydration important for lips? And how is it relevant when talking about Lip Plumpers? Moisture plays a critical role in the health and appearance of our skin and lips. Have you ever noticed how dry, dehydrated skin and dry, chapped lips appear a lot less full and more wrinkled? Dry lips and dry skin can even be painful! That’s why many of us use lotions and oils on our skin, and why here at Lique, we’re major advocates of using moisturizing lip care products.
When your lips are in good health, they reach their FULLEST potential! (Catch our drift here?) So when you start with hydrated, healthy lips, products like Plumpers are the cherry on top for easily achieving fuller lips.
 Lip Plumper Color Swatches
It’s also important to understand the ingredients in Lip Plumpers and other products you use on your lips, because you don’t want anything that’s ultimately going to zap them of moisture. Lique Lip Plumpers contain naturally hydrating and nourishing ingredients like jojoba oil and vitamin E, in combination with energizing peppermint oil for the easiest way to get fuller lips that also stay moisturized.
Read more about the natural ingredients we use in our products and what each of them do here.
For our Lip Plumpers, let’s focus on what peppermint oil is good for when it comes to lips. (Peppermint oil is one of those natural ingredients that has so many health benefits!) Peppermint oil is good for boosting circulation where it’s placed – in this case – lips! Better circulation within your lips means they’ll perk up with a naturally fuller appearance because of the energizing extra blood flow. Moisture equals fuller lips, and with boosted circulation – even fuller lips!
 Peppermint Oil
Another reason we love peppermint oil and used it in our Lip Plumpers is that it has a cooling, refreshing effect because of the menthol in it, and it also helps heal cracked lips with its anti-inflammatory properties. Peppermint oil is good for helping reduce pain as well, making it a soothing treatment for the discomfort chapped lips can cause.
Lique Lip Plumpers come in clear and tinted options, and all are infused with ultra-fine glitter for a stunning sparkle finish. Get energized, fuller lips that look as good as they feel with every application of a Lique Lip Plumper! They’re beautiful enough to wear alone or over Lique Lip Balms, Lip Glosses and Hydrating Crème Lipsticks for moisturized lips that shine with personality.