Lip Care 101: 6 Tips For Lush, Full Lips

Ready to take your lip care routine to the next level? Try these six proven tips to get plump, pink, healthy lips — as an added bonus, your skin will look better than ever! 

Reapply lip balm throughout the day 

The absolute essential for full, peel-proof lips? Wearing lip balms made with organic, highly hydrating ingredients on the daily. Use a few coats as the base for your favorite lip primer or lipstick. (And don’t forget to apply it before bed! It’s easy to get dehydrated in your sleep.) 

Lip balm is also a good shield against environmental irritants. From hot, dry weather to steamy showers, prevent chapped lips by applying a few coats of your favorite balm. 

Exfoliate your way to smooth, supple lips 

If you like exfoliating your skin, give your lips the same star treatment! Using a gentle, all-natural lip scrub will keep your pucker smooth and full. 

If you’re totally new to using exfoliating products, here’s a quick Q and A to help you get started: 

Q: How does a lip scrub differ from lip balm? 

A: It’s not uncommon for lip scrubs and lip balms to contain ultra-hydrating ingredients, like jojoba oil. But lip scrubs are best for stripping away cracked, flaking skin, while over-using lip balm can leave dead skin and residue behind. 

Q: Can I exfoliate my lips every day or every other day? 

A: It’s not safe to exfoliate your lips (or your skin!) on a regular basis. It only takes one exfoliation session per week to get optimal results — otherwise, too much of a good thing will make your lips dry. 

Q: What ingredients are in a quality lip scrub?

A: If you’re a skincare sleuth, you’re probably used to investigating everything in your products. Lip scrubs are no exception: some contain ingredients, like hyaluronic acid and glycerin, that trigger chapped lips. 

Hydrate your skin from within 

Drinking enough H2O is the key to smooth, healthy lips, soft skin, and good health. But research shows that most of us are dehydrated, and the consequences don’t just stop at a damaged pout. Headaches, joint pain, fatigue, and other chronic health problems can pop up from not drinking enough water. 

Don’t stress about drinking eight glasses of water per day — that might be too much, depending on your climate and what you eat. Fruits and veggies high in moisture can keep you and your skin in good shape. Heavy workout or high temps ahead? Don’t forget to grab an extra water bottle and up your fluid intake! 

Don’t take your stress out on your pout 

If you have dry, chapped lips, don’t be fooled: your saliva is slightly acidic. Every time you lick your lips, you make them even more dehydrated. If your lips are cracked and flaky, wait on the lemon water and soda pop (or make sure to rinse out your mouth with water afterward).  

Second, if you bite your lips when you’re stressed, break the habit by targeting the source of your tension. Nothing melts a bad day away like relaxing in luxurious bubbles while wearing a sheet mask and a lip mask.

Protect your lips with 15+ SPF 

Sunburned skin is a cute look…said no one, ever. Did you know that your lips can suffer from sunburn, too? Irritated, burned skin is likely to lose moisture, fast. 

If chemical sunscreens irritate and dry out your skin, you’re in luck: you can use all-natural lip products for hydrating sun protection. Lip butter made with aloe vera and vitamin E absorb UV rays, while lip balms made with shea butter and coconut oil are creamy and protective. 

Eat healthy fats (and buy lip products with them, too!) 

You might already know that omega-3 fatty acids reduce inflammation and promote good health. They’re also linked to smoother, healthier skin and lips! Reach for nuts and seeds instead of processed snacks and add avocado on toast or salads. 

Incorporating healthy fats into your lip care is just as essential. Use a lip balm with coconut oil as the base for your favorite lip gloss or lipstick for all-day hydration. Coconut oil protects your skin’s natural protective barrier (make your lip border fuller and healthier than ever!) and locks in moisture.