Lip Service: Why Reviewers Love Lique Lip Plumpers

Have you had the chance to try our Lip Plumpers yet? Infused with hydrating and nourishing natural ingredients like vitamin E and jojoba oil, in combination with invigorating peppermint oil, Lique Lip Plumpers are a total boost for your lips!
Our Lip Plumpers differ from others in the market because they don’t just help give you fuller lips when you wear them, they actually help hydrate your lips too. Dry, chapped lips are less full because they’re dehydrated. Think of it like fruit! A ripe peach picked straight off the tree is juicy and full, and when you run it through a dehydrating machine to make dried fruit, it dries out and shrivels up. It’s the same concept with our lips!
Moisturized, healthy lips are naturally fuller, and when you add peppermint oil into the mix, you get even fuller lips! Peppermint oil helps boost circulation, so that extra blood flow gives your lips an energizing treatment that helps pucker them right up.
You can read more about Lique Lip Plumpers here in our in-depth post.
If you haven’t tried our Lip Plumpers yet, maybe these reviews will help convince you to start your journey to healthy, happy, fuller lips! Here’s what others are saying:
"This lip plumper is the perfect blend of light and lively. I don't get that heavy, suffocating feeling when it's on my lips. After a while, the plumping ingredient brings out the natural color in my lips. It's exactly what I want in a lip plumper!" - Linda M.
"The Toasted plumper is such a beautiful color. The plumper doesn’t have that awful flavor that some do and it really works! This is my new go to. Please keep this color around!!! Thank you!" -Sherry S.
"Immediate sensation and moisturizing effect! Love the sparkle!" - Melissa R.
"I’ve always felt insecure with my top lip since my bottom lip is so much fuller. After using numerous lip plumping products, I finally came across one that has honestly made me feel so confident! The Lique Cosmetics lip plumper boosted my self-esteem. The plumper lasts for a couple hours and does an amazing job at plumping my lips while making it seem natural! I definitely noticed a difference!” - Noura H.
"I LOVE the Lique Lip Plumper. Venom is my favorite color but honestly I'd wear any of them. No burn, just a slight tingle that’s almost refreshing in a way. I love the subtle sparkle in it; no need to wear anything over it. Highly recommend!" - Summer D.
"Love the clear lip plumper! I've used other clear plumpers before and they would turn my lips bright pink, this one does not. This one is nice with a little bit of tingle and glimmer." - Danielle D
Lique Lip Plumpers come in clear and tinted options, and all are infused with ultra-fine glitter for a beautiful sparkling finish. You can wear them alone or over other lip products for an energizing touch!