Nighttime Tricks to Get Gorgeous, Glowing Skin

Using high-quality, low-chemical beauty products before you sleep is the difference between waking up with dehydrated, dull skin vs. a soft, radiant glow. Try these tricks to start the day looking lovely and feeling refreshed!

Take the day off with coconut oil 

Dull skin, breakouts, and irritation — sleeping in a full face of makeup is the furthest thing from glam. For some, commercial makeup removers can cause redness and rashes. The safer option? Coconut oil! It breaks down water-soluble substances, so it’s great for even the stubbornest foundation and eyeliner. 

Even if you don’t wear makeup, take care of your face by cleansing every night (and every morning, if you wear your hair down or temperatures are high). Coconut oil absorbs dirt, sweat, and natural oils that build up over the day.   

Use gentle acids for your skin type

Skin acids are a popular, one-shot solution against fine lines, enlarged pores, and every other skincare issue imaginable (except for dryness). But they aren’t one-size-fits-all.

Read this guide before you shop for skin acids:

Glycolic Acid

If you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, glycolic acid is a great bet. It’s also a safe choice for new moms. Even out texture, reduce breakouts, and soften your skin with a few drops mixed into your favorite PM moisturizer.  

Lactic Acid

Firm, brighter skin? Yes, please! Lactic acid is suitable for almost every skin type (but pass on this one if you’re allergic to dairy products). If your skin is super dry, try a lactic acid-infused lotion. 

Salicylic Acid

For maximum exfoliation, try the heavyweight of beta hydroxy acids (BHAs). It’s a one-shot solution for moderate to severe breakouts, hyperpigmentation, and uneven texture. (Hint: use it only twice per week, and don’t pair it with retinol). 

Remember to read the label and check the acid’s strength before you purchase. 10%+ acids are heavy-duty and cause extra peeling. 

Nourish your skin with vitamins  

Don’t forget to take your vitamins — for your lips and skin, that is! The essential and minerals you probably take as supplements make skincare even more powerful. 

Boost collagen and lay the foundation for fresh skin while you sleep by looking for labels with these ingredients: 

  • Vitamin C: The mother of all vitamins, internal and topical. Vitamin C tightens, tones, and firms skin while targeting dark spots and freckles. 

  • Vitamin E: Hydrating and healing, serums made with vitamin E are ideal for post-acne inflammation and scarring. 

  • Vitamin A: You probably know by now that retinol (vitamin A) is your best defense against anti-aging. It’s never too soon to use a pinch of vitamin A in your skincare routine, but don’t overdo it! 

  • Vitamin B: Niacinamide (vitamin B3) is just one of a handful of vitamins that plump and regenerate skin. When you take your B vitamin complex in the morning, don’t forget to add a drop of niacinamide to your moisturizer. 
  • Tone your skin to enhance your products

    Toner might seem like an optional part of your beauty routine. But make no mistake: an all-natural toner is essential for reducing redness, absorbing leftover dirt and makeup, and prepping your skin for products. 

    Whether you love using a vitamin C serum or facial acids, an organic toner enhances your skincare by rebalancing your pH. Having a healthy pH is also a must for strengthening your skin’s natural barrier against bacteria

    Apply a leave-on lip conditioner  

    If you wake up with dry, cracked lips, make sure to grab an extra glass of water before you get some shut-eye and apply a hydrating lip mask. Your lips are the first part of your face to suffer from a lack of moisture, so plan ahead to make your pout soft and smooth by morning. 

    Wear a sheet mask (or an overnight mask) 

    There’s a reason that sheet masks have been trending for years: they’re an easy, low maintenance, relaxing way to care for your skin without clogging your pores. Having a tough time with acne-prone skin and active breakouts? Shop clay masks. 

    If your skin is putting out a major SOS for hydration — think cracking around your lips, red patches, and intense peeling  — opt for an overnight mask. Unlike a night cream, it’s twice as hydrating and creates a moisturizing seal.