Pucker Up! 5 Tips For Smooth, Soft Lips For Summer

Here’s a tip: exfoliation isn’t just for chilly, dehydrating weather. Get kissable lips in time for soft, romantic summer nights by keeping your pout free of peeling skin! From organic lip balms to gentle exfoliation, we swear by these hydrating tips for healthy, flake-free lips. 

Why exfoliating your lips in summer is a must 

You might be surprised when your lips and skin suddenly feel a little parched this summer, but it’s more common than you think. These are just a few ways that summer does a number on our looks:  

  • Around-the-clock AC dries out your lips 
  • Catching too many rays saps moisture, so don’t skimp on SPF!  
  • Sunburnt? Prepare to battle dry skin, lips included 
  • Chlorine makes skin, hair, and nails feel parched  

5 tips to get plump, summer-proof lips 


Pair a toothbrush with your favorite lip scrub 

 If your pout is screaming SOS after having a little too much fun in the sun, try the toothbrush method. It’s ideal if you have excessive peeling and flaking, but avoid it if you have split lips. 

To start, don’t use a regular toothbrush. The last thing you need is accidentally getting lip scrub in between your teeth! Plus, the ultra-soft bristles of a child’s toothbrush provide the gentle exfoliation you need. (Remember: exfoliating too often and too harshly saps moisture.) 

Before you start brushing, prep your pout with a round of warm (not hot!) compresses and a leave-on lip conditioning mask. Removing excess skin primed with a dash of moisture won’t leave painful sores and cuts behind. 

Finally, spread a thin layer of your favorite lip scrub over your lips and gently brush it over your problem areas for up to 60 seconds. If your lips are ultra-dry, apply one additional layer of your lip mask. Use cool water to rinse. 

Softly rub in a sugar scrub with your fingertips  

If you’re super busy or not in the mood for self-care (it happens!) but want gorgeous lips, applying a lip scrub with your fingers is the tried and true method for exfoliation. It’s ideal for polishing away minor peeling and targeting fine lines above your lips. 

Start off by using a small spatula or teaspoon to extract a dime-sized amount of your go-to lip scrub. Even though you should wash your hands before touching your face, keeping open beauty products as sterile as possible is always a plus. 

Next, wet your lips and fingertips with tepid water. Take half of the scrub and spread it over your lips in small, soothing circles for 30 seconds. Rinse and repeat the process with the remaining product. 

Target dead skin with a Q-tip

If you want to get rid of old, damaged skin or minor peeling, run a damp Q-tip along the borders and insides of your lips. It’s that simple! For a freshly healed pout, the Q-tip method works well for exfoliation that won’t overdo it. 

If your lips need an extra boost, apply an ultra-thin layer of lip scrub before you reach for the Q-tips! 

Cleanse your makeup with oil and a silk cloth 

We’ve all been guilty of scrubbing off our lipstick with cotton pads, bath towels, and tissues. But when you vigorously rub at your lips, you leave them more prone to chapping, cracking, and fine lines (yikes!). 

For any lip color beyond a gloss, use an oil-based makeup cleanser with a silk cloth. Oil-based cleansers won’t make your skin look squeaky clean, unlike foaming formulas, and that’s a good thing for dryness. But if straight oils send your skin into panic mode, try a non-comedogenic (non-pore clogging) milk cleanser. 

Apply a soothing lip balm at bedtime 

The key to keeping your lips smooth and free of irritation? Regularly applying a non-irritating lip balm, especially during times of the day when you’re prone to dehydration. Here’s a not-so-fun fact: we lose a pound and a half of water at night! 

Apply a liberal amount of lip balm every night after brushing your teeth. Unlike Chapstick, our mildly scented, eco-friendly lip balms are formulated only with the ingredients you need for lasting hydration. We’re crazy about Fabulous/Coral (coral-everything makeup is SO in this season) and Ambitious, a poppy shade of purple.