Rejuvenate Your Lips With Lique Lip Scrubs

If you haven’t noticed yet, here at Lique we’re all about healthy skin. Your skin’s barrier helps just as much to keep the bad stuff out as it does to keep the good stuff in! Of course, the perfect look always starts anywhere from hours to days beforehand. Making sure that your skin is happy, healthy, and hydrated should be your top priority and that’s where we come in!
Our natural lip scrubs are formulated specifically to soothe and rejuvenate your lips, whether they’re cracked, dry, or just in need of a little pick me up! Our ingredients are natural and cruelty-free, helping you lock in moisture, prevent signs of aging, and ready your lips for that perfect shade of red.
We use natural sugars as the exfoliant, so you never have to worry about what’s going down the drain (or into your mouth!). They scrub away dead skin and other leftover particles that might be hanging out after a long day, clearing the way to the fresh, smooth skin underneath! It’s recommended to only exfoliate a few times a week, so we made sure to pack in the kinds of ingredients that are going to leave you feeling their effects between each use.
We’ve added avocado oil and vitamin E for their intense hydrating properties. These two don’t just hydrate your lips, though they also protect them from dangerous UV rays and pollution. Most people forget that their lips are just as sensitive to the sun as everything else, so it’s especially important to have an extra layer or two of protection whenever possible! 
Although vitamin E is naturally occurring in our bodies, years spent out in the sun can deplete the amount that we have, decreasing the body’s ability to fight the signs of agingbut there’s no need to worry! Topical applications, just like our lip scrub, get absorbed by our bodies, and help replenish the stock. 
Jojoba oil, with its natural anti-inflammatory properties, soothes your lips with moisturizing properties, all while keeping conditions like eczema at bay. It’s very similar to our own naturally produced skin oils, so it sinks in quickly and easily, immediately getting to work preventing things like acne, sunburn, and early aging. 
Use it together with one of our lip masques for a perfectly primed pair of lips, ready to help you conquer whatever your day might have in store! Whether you’re on your way to bed or an important meeting, you’ll be at ease knowing that you’ve given your skin exactly what it deserves!