The Secret To Getting The Wet-Lip Look This Spring

High-shine lips are on the horizon. That’s right: the wet-lip look is making a huge comeback this spring and summer! Here are 6 fail-proof steps to achieve glossy, juicy lips that last all day. 

What IS the wet-lip look? 

The wet-lip look is exactly what it sounds like: lips that are so dewy and shiny that they look wet! It’s a simple makeup trend that you can sport on any occasion. 

You can customize the wet-lip look to suit your sense of fashion. If you prefer a simple, “no makeup” makeup look, you can skip putting on lip color and go straight for a no-fuss, clear gloss — or try an understated shade from these trending lip colors.

If dramatic, intense lips are your thing, the wet-lip look is perfect for upping the drama. Nothing is more attention-grabbing than gorgeous, glossy lips! All you need is a glittery blush or highlighter to complement your gleaming smile. 

Boost your hydration game  

How much water are you really drinking every day, doll? Don’t skimp on your fluid intake seriously, your lips will thank you. 

There’s a simple reason that your lips are the first part of your face that gets painfully dry. Unlike the rest of your body, your pucker has no oil-producing sebaceous glands. That spells cracking and peeling when temperatures fluctuate or you use irritating products. 

The best way to get in the habit of hydrating often: keep an H2O log! Tally every 8 oz. glass of water you drink in your phone. Avoid drinking too close to meals or over-hydrating (that’s a thing, and it’s dangerous). 

Prep your pout with a lip scrub

The enemy of smooth, high-gloss lips? Dead, cracked skin. 

Before you even think about reaching for your lipstick and lip gloss combo, make sure you have a smooth, flawless base. Refreshing your pout will prevent the lip color you pick from cracking. 

Don’t risk making your own lip scrub out of at-home ingredients that do more harm than good, like almond shells or coffee grounds. Go for a sensitive skin-approved, minimalistic lip scrub infused with nourishing oils. (Remember: don’t exfoliate more than once per week!) 

Apply a coat of lip balm for extra hydration 

The wet-lip look is ultra-glossy, so apply your favorite lip balm for an extra shot of moisture. 

It’s twice as important to use lip balm after your lip scrub nourishing ingredients like coconut oil and shea butter pack a stronger punch on freshly exfoliated skin. Make sure to let your lip balm sink in for a few before you move onto the next steps! 

Optional: double up with a lip butter or lip mask 

Is your pout screaming for moisture? Take the extra step and use a rich, hydrating lip butter or a leave-in lip conditioning mask. For unbeatable shine, spread a coat of lip butter over your lip mask! 

To get the most out of your lip mask, wear it the night before you recreate the wet-lip look. If cracked, chapped lips are the norm, look out for irritating products in your skin and lip care routine or try a gentler toothpaste. 

Glide on your go-to spring/summer lip color  

Pinks, corals, and soft pastels will be on everyone’s lips this season. If you adore K-Beauty, try the gradient “popsicle” lip trend that’s usually paired with the wet-lip look. 

It’s simple: using two complementary lip colors, apply the darker shade in the center of your lips. Blend the lighter shade in the outer corners. Apply a clear, plumping gloss to finish! 

Not sure which lipstick shade to try? Check out our recommendations for the best spring/summer 2021 lip color trends and our how-to guide for choosing the best lipstick for your skin tone. 

Finish your look with a non-sticky gloss 

The last thing you need is a sticky, messy lip gloss, especially if masks are a part of your daily routine.

You might need to reapply all-natural, high-shine glosses more often than your average lip gloss. But there’s a benefit: avoiding chemicals and emulsifiers. After you apply your favorite lip color, swipe on a matching lip gloss (or a gloss in the same color family — pair warm tones with warm tones).