Tips For Wearing Sweat-Proof Makeup to the Gym

If your makeup looks worse for wear as soon as you break a sweat, you might be tempted to skip your beauty routine. But with the right prep and sweat-proofing products, you can look stylish and gorgeous at the gym -- even on sweltering days! This step-by-step guide will help you beat the heat and keep your makeup looking on point.

Why is my makeup melting off? 

If you typically wear a full coverage foundation, eyeliner, a few coats of mascara, and a whole lot of powder, you’re probably going to end up clogging your pores when you’re sweating at the gym. Plus, your mascara and eyeliner can run during a workout, irritating your eyes.

The simplest solution? Make small changes to your beauty regimen on workout days. For example, you might consider switching from applying foundation with your fingertips, to multiple applications with a Beauty Blender. If the skin on your face tends to get oily in your T-zone, a dash of extra setting spray or a mineral-based powder can go a long way.

The best routine for sweat-proofing your makeup 

You don’t have to wear your favorite makeup to get a solid workout in! To keep it simple, we recommend sticking to these five bare essentials: 

1. Prime and blur your pores 

Once you start using the right primer, you probably won’t be able to live without it! Primer locks your foundation into place and shrinks your pores for smooth, even looking skin. It can be paired with foundation at any level of coverage. Even if you stick to lightweight, barely-there formulas, primer can still help prevent smearing and smudging. 

Tips for application: Using your fingertips or a rounded foundation brush, apply the primer stick from your forehead down. Allow the product to set for at least two minutes. 

2. Wear a lightweight BB cream 

Lightweight foundations were made for the gym. Plus, low maintenance makeup is big this year. Sticking to a BB cream, or going bare-faced with a touch of brow gel, mascara, and lip balm, can keep you looking radiant yet natural at the gym. As a bonus, our new BB cream’s antioxidant-rich formula gives you a healthy glow, even when you’re struggling to get through those last reps! Plus our ultra-blendable formula keeps skin moisturized — all while providing the comfortable, long-wearing coverage you desire.

Tips for application: If your BB cream needs a quick touch-up, our no-touch applicator will do the trick. (Touching your face at the gym? Never a good idea, especially in a pandemic). On extra-hot days, apply a layer of setting powder in between your primer and BB cream. 

3. Apply a lip and cheek stain

Powder-based blush and lip gloss are quick to fade when you start sweating. But just a touch of color can make going to the gym feel like less of a chore. Brighten your lips and cheeks with a universally flattering shade of rosy pink packed with nourishing ingredients, including shea butter and rosehip.

Tips for application: For extra staying power, apply your lip and cheek color as quickly as possible after you prime your face and lips. Allow the color to set, then dust on a light layer of setting powder. 

4. Hydrate while you highlight  

It’s safe to say that most of us look a little blotchy when we push ourselves to go the extra mile (literally). But layering on coverup can make your skin look dull and uneven. The solution? Highlight and hide your imperfections in one step! 

Tips for application: Wait 5-10 minutes to cover up and/or highlight. To do away with stubborn spots, dab a few dots of cover-up around the blemish and blend inwards. For a dramatic cheek highlight, apply a small amount of coconut oil-based lip balm first. 

5. Refresh your skin in a few spritzes 

Cooling off at the gym is always a challenge, especially if you can’t get enough of HIIT and other high intensity workout sessions. The last thing you want is to wipe away all your hard work in seconds. When you feel the burn, reach for your redness-fighting facial mist! 

Tips for application: Hold the bottle at arm’s length and spray at an angle, allowing some of the mist to touch the crown of your head. Avoid using your facial mist more than twice per hour and no sooner than twenty minutes between applications.