How to Minimize Waste in Your Lip & Skin Care Routine

Although it feels disingenuous to call it a trend, sustainability has come to the forefront of our collective consciousness in the last few years. A big part of sustainability is going zero- or low-waste in your everyday life. 
When it comes to beauty, it can feel difficult to make that happen, but don’t beat yourself up! We’ve got a few tips to help you get started reducing your waste that might even save you some money and headaches down the line!
Switch to Reusable Removers
One of the most beneficial things you can do is reduce the amount of single-use wipes, pads, and swabs in your bathroom. Of course, you’ll be saving money in the long-run and reducing your landfill contributions, but you might even find that reusable wipes work better! 
Most reusable makeup wipes are made of either cotton or microfiber. Both of these materials pick up dirt and makeup like magnets. After you’re done, you can just throw them in the laundry with everything else! As for q-tips, find ones made of bamboo rather than plastic. 
It’s obvious why bamboo would be preferred over plastic, but even when put up against cotton products it’s still the material of choice. Bamboo grows quicker and uses much less water than cotton does. It doesn’t need fertilizer or pesticides and, in the right conditions, can break down within just a few weeks.
Swap Out Your Tools
We’ve already gone over q-tips and reusable makeup wipes, but what about the rest of your tools? 
There are plenty of companies that make applicators and brushes out of bamboo or recycled material. These are usually made using synthetic bristles rather than animal hair, so they’re a prime choice for anyone living vegan or just trying to be as ethical as possible. 
Clean your brushes regularly so you don’t feel the need to throw them out, and always keep in mind whether the tools and their packaging can be recycled in your area.
Choose Your Products Carefully
When it comes to sustainability, natural beauty is the way to go! 
Lique Cosmetics is dedicated to using the best natural ingredients available. These ingredients are cruelty-free and don’t harm the environment the way that metals and synthetic chemicals might. They’re better for your body, easier on your skin, and can be washed off without worry.
Simplify Your Routine
What’s the point of having all those serums and lotions sitting around unused? Simplifying your skincare routine will do more than just clear up space - you won’t be using (and throwing away) nearly as much packaging. Our lip balms and lip butters, for example, can be used for more than just your lips! 
Swapping your moisturizer for oil is another easy way to reduce the number of products you use. The water in moisturizer takes up more space, so you’ll use up more of it in the same amount of time than you would oil. Oils can also be used as cleansers and overnight treatments for both your face and lips, not to mention what they can do for your hair and nails!
Recycle or Re-use
If you look carefully enough, most of the containers in your bathroom can be recycled in one way or another. You can even buy special trash cans for your bathroom that are already separated for you! 
If you’re throwing containers in the bin, make sure to clean them thoroughly. The residue left in the container, just like food waste, can hinder the process and contaminate other recyclables. 
If the packaging can’t be traditionally recycled, lots of containers are perfect for re-using! Our lip butter and lip scrub containers are the perfect sizes to hold the last bit of foundation or cream that the pump can’t reach. 
Big, round containers can be the perfect brush holders and old eyeshadow palettes can be cleaned out and used to hold all those samples you’ve collected! 
Use Less Product
A little bit of product can go an awful long way. You’d probably be surprised to find out just how much extra product you might be using. 
Similar to the benefits of simplifying your routine, this will not only reduce your waste but also save you quite a bit of money. 
We formulate our products so that you don’t need to use half the pot in order to feel the effects. All of our ingredients are multi-purpose: whether they’re hydrating and humectant, soothing and restorative, or exfoliating and nourishing, they’re always doing the job of two products in one. 
Choosing products like ours is a great way to reduce the amount that you need to use (and make it a little easier on your wallet in the meantime).
Whether you’re a low-waste veteran or just starting out, taking steps to reduce waste anywhere in your life can make a bigger impact than you think! Take it slow if you have to. 
Either way, you can go to bed knowing that you’re making an effort. We’re proud of you!